If you're reading this, Versured has probably asked you to provide a declarations page ("dec page"). So what's a dec page? It's a basic form provided by your current insurance company that just goes into the basics of who and what is covered under your policy. This page is different from a policy form, which goes into the legalese of your policy: the detailed rules, exceptions to the rules, conditions of coverage, and so on. (If you're lost and looking for the home insurance version of this article, read this.)

To make sure we at Versured can get you the best rates, we need to know what you've been paying before and what coverage you had. Your dec page is an essential step in making sure we can do that!

Parts of a Dec Page

If you've found yours, you'll notice your dec page has the following parts:

  • Policy number: This is pretty self-explanatory. This number is unique to you and is necessary for filing a new claim.

  • Policy term: This is how long your policy lasts before expiring.

  • Your address and name: This also includes where your car is usually stored.

  • Name insured: Anyone listed as a driver under your policy.

  • Coverages: Bodily injury coverage, property damage liability, and any elective coverages, like collision and so on.

  • Policy limits or deductible: One of the most important parts of your dec page, this part lists how much your current coverage will pay when you need to use it. It also lists how much you need to pay toward your deductible. This part is crucial for Versured to help you find a better deal.

  • Premium: This is how much you pay each six-month or one-year period (i.e., the policy term).

How to Send Your Dec Page

If you already have your dec page but aren't sure how to scan it and send it to info@versured.com, here are a few tips to get you on your way.

Physical Copy

If you've got a hard copy handy, you should first try scanning it to a PDF file. If all you have is a smartphone with a camera, you might want to buy these apps for scanning documents. Chances are you're probably looking for a free document scanner app. You're looking for good deals on insurance, after all. Try these free document scanning apps here and here.

If those still don't work, no worries! You can just send us an image of your policy dec page. A few things to keep in mind if you're going to send it via email, though:

  1. Make sure the text is legible enough to read. When you photograph a document on a phone, the screen is small enough to make the resolution look high, but once you upload it onto a larger computer screen, it might not scale right.

  2. Make sure the file size isn't larger than 25 MB if you're using Gmail. If you keep attaching your dec page and the photo size is ginormous, you should change your settings on your camera app directly to take smaller file sizes.


If your dec page is available in an online format but you're not sure how to download it, try grabbing a screenshot. There are a few browser extensions that let you download the entire contents of your browser window. That way you don't have to take multiple screenshots with your computer's default screenshot tool; you can just do it in one go with the right browser extension!

What Next?

Once you send your dec page to Versured, we'll get in touch with you ASAP to talk about your current coverage, your goals, and how we can help you save.

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